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5 Essential Staging Tips for Home Sellers

Hidden Hills resident and experienced Real Estate agent, Kay Fields, with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services has some tried and true home seller staging tips to share with you!

 1) Create a staging plan.

Whether you hire a pro or do-it-yourself, create a checklist and stick to it with everything showing! Always trust the pro’s advice, they’re experts for a reason.

 2) Eliminate the excess BEFORE additions.

Before you run out and purchase new items to complete a look, focus on the things you can remove first! Start with the items that you aren’t using or don’t plan on bringing with you into your new home. Items that you plan on keeping but may not work with the staging plan, can be pre-packed and put to the side.

 3) Depersonalize and Declutter!

Potential buyers are less likely to view the home as “theirs” if they see personal items related to you family, such as family photos. Remove and prepack these to help the buyer envision the home as their own.

 4) Clean, Clear and Spruce!

– Make sure your home glistens like it’s brand new! Get into the nooks and crannies, dust high shelving, clean your windows, wipe countertops, etc

– Clear off countertops and open spaces of clutter, such as mail, phone chargers, shoes in the entryway, and other odds and ends.

– Spruce by touching up paint, ensuring locks work, replacing outdoor accents and replacing anything small and broken (such as door handles). Sprucing can also include decorative additions, but don’t go into excess. Leaving the decorations to the buyers imagination can allow them to visualize the home as theirs.

 5) View as a Prospective Buyer.

Shoot sample photos on your smartphone or a simple point and shoot camera. This is what most buyers are likely to use during a walk through – you want to make sure it looks good! Try doing a walk-through of other open houses and then return and do a “walk-through” of yours. What can you edit or adjust to make yours more appealing?

Kay Fields is a Hidden Hills resident and real estate agent. She can be contacted at 818.419.1172 or online at

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