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AA Mobile Auto Detailing and Power Wash


The daily wear and tear of life on our cars and our homes is unavoidable. As the two most valuable possessions a person can have, why not give each a deluxe spa treatment to preserve their fleeting youth? This is where Raul Barreto and his team of precision detailers come in. “My job is very satisfying to me,” says Barreto, founder of AA Car and Pressure Wash. “There is something soothing about making a car perfectly clean and spotless.” The level of personal care Barreto puts into the washing, waxing and full detailing is well beyond what one would receive at a car wash – all with the added convenience of having him pursue his quest for spotless perfection right at your home or office.

FOR THE HOME, Barreto can also use his custom traveling pressure wash van to clean most any exterior surface including driveways, patios, windows and walls.

aa2“I love that everyone I work for always has a smile when I hand them back their keys,” says Barreto. “I know they are happy to get the care of their car checked off their list every week without ever having to think about it.  Thinking about it is my job and I am happy to do it!”

AA mobile detail & power wash

Call Raul directly: (818) 462-4504

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