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Amber Waves of Style

Written by Sydney Easton

Photography by Tessa Neustadt

In a town chalk-full of musicians, artists, world travelers, and everything in between, it’s a bit surprising how sparse the culture of the West Valley is. It seems that finally, after years of being a destination for it’s natural beauty and a good, safe place to set down roots with a family, that culture is finally trickling in. The small strip of town that calls itself Old Town Calabasas has seen an incredible shift. Pedaler’s Fork, The Six, and Amber Interiors all help bring about a new age of Calabasas: One where good food, good style, and good community can find a home. Amber Lewis and her husband Mike, owners of Amber Interiors, are eager to share and feed this lively overturn in the history of the sleepy little city.

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Amber found her passion for interior design at a young age, working at a showroom similar to the one she own now. She took it upon herself to become their visual merchandiser, designing table and window displays. The visual work she did for the shop got enthusiastic attention from the patrons, and this armed her with the push sh needed to go headfirst into interior design. After a short stint at UCLA studying interior design, Amber went to work for the family friend, where she honed her skills. All the while, she had her daughter, bought a house with her husband, and started a blog. The blog blossomed into a serious following, at which point she quit her job and pursued blogging full time.

In 2013, Amber and Mike fell in love with the Calabasas space, though it had already been leased. Through a happy coincidence, the space opened up just two years later, at which point they took over the current tenant’s lease, and made the space their own.

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The aesthetic of the store is soft, clean bohemian, with dozens of beautiful patterned pillows and beach-y, faded throws. The walls are white, which owns up the shop amongst all the competing patterns. Flokati cushions sit on simplistic, mid-century style chairs. The whole showroom feels effortlessly elegant, with layers upon layers of pattern and texture, though in truth each item has been artfully placed in a purposeful home. Amber and Mike’s artistic should really shine through the showroom.

“This is the best [space], because my husband and I really get to curate everything that we want. When you work with a client, you can only curate so much because you have to incorporate their style, whereas here, we get to have free reign.”
Focusing on full homes, Amber creates relationships with all her clients.
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“It’s a trust thing. You really get into a marriage with every client, and so far we’ve had just a lot of really great, easy, happy clients.”
Before living in Woodland Hills, Mike and Amber had a place in Santa Monica. They speak to the artistic energy there, and wanting to really incorporate that into the store.
“Since we moved to the valley five years ago, we’ve felt that [cultural] shift. Everyone who has started to open business here, I have the same conversations with. We have the same ethos, the same vision for it,” says Mike.
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“For completely selfish reasons, too,” Amber adds. “We moved out to the the vally from Santa Monica, and we left that funky community that we loved so much to be here because we wanted to own a house and have land and a pool. So we said ‘maybe we can create it ourselves.’ If you build it, they will come.”
Meeting people like Amber and Mike, it becomes clear that what they bring to the table is what the valley needs. The couple, along with other like-minded business owners, breathes life into the burgeoning artistic should of Calabasas.
23528A Calabasas Road, Calabasas
Instagram: @amberinteriors
Pinterest: amberinteriors

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