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Behind the Scenes with Kerry Ehrin

By Bella Balsamo-Gillis

Friday Night Lights, Parenthood, and Bates Motel are just some of the hit T.V. shows written by Hidden Hills’ own, Kerry Ehrin. I had the pleasure of sitting down and talking to Kerry about her life as a writer, and as a Hidden Hills resident. Kerry has known Hidden Hills for most of her life- she was very close with the Matheson family. In fact, Richard Matheson (renowned sci-fi writer) is the very person who got her into writing. Kerry says, “it takes a few years to, kind of, learn how to do it and it’s not something you just instantly know how to do. I’ve just always been fascinated by people, and relationships, and by human behavior and psychology so I think all of those things lend themselves to story-telling.”

Being in the business for 25 years has made Kerry believe some very important things. She referred to creativity as being like a religion to her; a religion that she firmly believes in. When a creative person goes out and does anything, they don’t really know what they’re doing. They won’t know what they’re doing until they’re done. She says, “I think that once you know that it gives you more faith to follow your instincts.” Every resident has something that Hidden Hills reflects on, including Kerry. The distinguished writer describes herself as “reclusive”, which Hidden Hills has helped with. She was able to get out of her own head and meet and interact with many neighbors and friends through Gloria Watts’ theater program with her kids. How does this have to do with Kerry’s work? “I write a lot about relationships because connecting with people is really important to me and having honesty in relationships and all the, kind of, psychological games people play is really fascinating to me.”

She feels very strongly about the beauty and comfort of Hidden Hills, “When you come through the gate and leave it behind, you see that road with that line of pepper trees… you just feel your blood pressure go down.  It really is like coming home to something that is very nurturing and beautiful.”