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BODYPUMP will make you run faster!

Many of you know the virtues of weight lifting, but did you know that lifting weights makes you a faster runner?

In an article from Runner’s World:
“Group classes are a great way to try something new and address areas that you know are weaknesses for you, like flexibility or upper-body strength,” says Jessica Cover, a running coach and personal trainer in Burlington, Vermont.

Runner’s World continued to highlight BODYPUMP because this workout includes high-repetition movements using squats, bench presses, bicep curls, and other classic weight room exercises with low weight loads, all set to energizing music. You load up your barbell with as much, or as little, weight as you’d like and perform 70 to 100 repetitions each for legs, chest, back, shoulders, and abs. Most exercisers burn up to 600 calories per 60-minute class!

“You need upper-body strength for good form and carriage, and BODYPUMP is a fun way to get motivated, too,” says Cover. “Start with the lightest weights possible and add more every six weeks, taking care to go lighter on the weights when it’s time for squats and lunges.”

Building muscle improves your health, reduces injury risk, and, according to a review in the journal Sports Medicine, improves your running performance. Across 26 studies of endurance athletes, strength-training programs (either plyometrics or heavy weights) boosted fitness, increased efficiency, and reduced runners’ times in 3K and 5K races.

With BODYPUMP conveniently offered 5 mornings a week. Tuesday through Saturday, at the Hidden Hills Community Center, the benefits are too good to pass up.

Join coach Deb Spellman for a class at any of the following scheduled times:

Tuesday 8AM
Wednesday 9:30AM
Thursday 8AM
Friday 9:30AM
Saturday 9:30AM

Please email or call 818 917-2515 with any questions.