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The Boys Of Summer*

Yes, Virginia, we had a baseball team. Right here in the middle of the wild west!

It was in the middle ’80s that us boys (well, we might not have been boys, but we sure were a hell of a lot younger then) took to the diamond dressed in Hidden Hills Jerseys. The rest of the uniform was strictly ad lib. What a motley crew (wait—that’s a singing group) and what an assemblage of raw talent. We had entrepreneurs, builders, accountants, investors and several in the medical field that formed the nucleus of our baseball team.

Home field was Round Meadow’s southwestern most diamond where we took on all comers. We played Calabasas, Encino, the doctors of West Hills Hospital and others that shall remain nameless until someone with a memory can remember them. We didn’t just play home games either; we traveled. We even traveled to one game, which I was sure we were going to win, in Rolls Royce’s. We were talking about playing for pink slips because it was a game against “them guys from Encino” at the Little League Ball Park at Hayvenhurst and the 101 Freeway. Cooler heads prevailed, and we skipped the bet.  I can’t quite recall whether we lost 15-1 or 16-2, and we didn’t have to walk home.

Hidden-Hills-Roundup-Baseball-Team-SchlesingerHere is a picture of our founder, leader and team captain Fidel Nabor. His shortcoming was being confused as to what sport we were playing. He is shown in the picture signaling a touchdown, or maybe even a field goal. Not sure which.

And now for the serious part of this article: a list of the participants who made up our team. As far as I know we have lost two of our teammates to the great stadium in the sky. The rest of the group members are still in Hidden Hills or elsewhere and hopefully enjoying the camaraderie: Fidel Nabor, Ricki Farr, Denny Perlow, Ron Tutor, Jerry Einzinger, Sandy Singer, Ken Chernow, Paul Frimmer, Ed Green, Jack Jones, Warren Frankel, Dave Caspar, Roger Schlesinger and Frank Baron.

The fickle finger of fate played a big part in the fortunes of the team so I will conclude with our missed opportunity. Our home games were lacking more than our ability. They were lacking fans besides our families. We did have beer at the games which made it seem as if there were more people there than were, but it just wasn’t enough. We all put our heads together for a solution, but nothing we came up with seemed to work. If only, and I repeat if only, the worlds nicest man who also is the world’s best baseball announcer, Vin Scully, had moved into our paradise in the ’80s instead of waiting until the new century, we would have been unSTOPable. Look what he has done for the Dodgers!!!

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted which was a few seasons. To my teammates:

Thanks for the memories!

*Attitude, not age.

rogerRoger Schlesinger is second generation born and raised in Southern California. He attended Beverly Hills High School with two other Hidden Hills residents and went on to obtain a Bachelor of Arts from U.C.L.A in Economics and M.B.A from U.S.C. in Finance. Roger became a stock broker, a commercial rehab developer and finally a realtor-turned-mortgage broker by accident. He was on the Business Channel for most of the 1990s, and radio since 1997.  In 2000, he went onto the Hugh Hewitt show nationwide for 14 years discussing mortgages and finance as the MortgageMinuteGuy. Today, Roger can still be found on local radio, working in mortgages, writing books or reminiscing about Hidden Hills for “Roger’s View.”


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