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Cool Ideas That Teach Kids About Gratitude

When we find things we want to share with our Hidden Hills neighbors, we are quick to get it out to you.

We recently stumbled upon this blog, Let’s Lasso The Moon. It’s author, Zina Harrington, has some really good posts, especially under the category of Easy Kid Projects.

Her most recent post, “Teaching Gratitude To Kids” caught our eye and is worth passing it on to our Hidden Hills friends. She has compiled a bunch of Pinterest activities of GREAT ideas for Thanksgiving crafts for children. We are particularly partial to the “Thanksgiving Advent Calendar” that she found. Very creative! Every night, each child writes on a card what they are grateful for that day. Then stick the card into the calendar. Mom then gets to collect the cards and keep them as momentos of their childhood. Check it out and let us know what you think!

How do you teach your children about gratitude? Let us know… we want to hear from you at