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partnersIn today’s technology-dependent society, convenience and speed rule all. Most people crave a life that allows them to work smarter, not harder, especially with the innumerable advancements the tech world offers. From the obsession with smart phones, to the craze of the smart watch, nothing quite measures up to the grandeur of the smart home. Connectivity, speed, and accommodation are no longer just possibilities for the home, they are guaranteed through the tech-savvy minds over at Futronix (as in, “future-electrontics”).

“We’re not stuck in traditional ways, we are constantly evolving to whatever new products come out and new ways to do it to help customers out,” said Brian Brett, co-founder of Futronix, this is why in addition to a variety of high-tech options we specialize in both Control 4 and Savant Pro Automation systems.

Futronix was founded three years ago with the goal to foster innovative, fresh ideas for the betterment of clients’ homes. Some of those advancements include state of the art theatre rooms, home security systems, and the automation of the home itself. Brett and his business partner, Jason Ratzlaff have improved numerous home IQ’s in the Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and Hidden Hills areas, and continue their pursuit for new technologies that connect all aspects of the home for a more opportune living space.

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