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February’s Gardening Checklist

In Hidden Hills and Southern California, February can feel like spring. The first bulbs come into bloom, orange blossoms scent the air and gardens smell inviting after the rain. It’s time to celebrate, get outside, and plan for your garden. Why not use the sunny days to get out a give a fresh coat of black paint to your garden boxes. The color black is trending in the garden, it feels fresh.

According to Hidden Hills Garden Designer and resident Linda McKendry and her blog at, here is a gardening checklist for February.



  • Continue to purchase and plant Camellias and Azaleas
  • Choose and plant deciduous Magnolias
  • Purchase Clivia
  • Fill in beds and pots with cool-season bedding plants
  • Plant more winter veggies
  • Plant Mesclun and other lettuces



  • Deadhead cool-season flowers to keep the blooming
  • Cut back Mexican Saliva and other sage
  • Cut back woody and overgrown perennials



  • Continue to feed citrus trees
  • Feed deciduous fruit trees
  • Fertilize roses
  • Fertilize perennials



  • Water all garden plants according to their individual need; do not water succulents
  • Water roses
  • Keep bulbs well watered
  • January was a very dry month, continue to monitor your plants individual water needs with a water meter

Control Pests/Diseases/Weeds

pulling the weeds

  • Control pests on citrus trees
  • Protect roses from pests and diseases by using systemic fertilizer
  • Hand-weed flowers and vegetables


Linda McKendry is owner of Linda McKendry Garden Design & Rose Care, a landscape design, horticulture & rose care company that specializes in creating beautiful gardens for its clients, educates its friends and business partners about the joys of gardening, and teaches classes on how to care for roses. When asked “What makes a garden?” She responds, “My personal idea of a garden is a space which includes a place to sit and smell the roses, a place where you can be refreshed by the sound and sight of water and an environment where you can experience the change of the seasons.” She can be reached at 818.974.0405,

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      • pulling the weeds
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