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The Hidden Hills Bus Stop

Have you ever wondered about that cute little bus stop you drive by everyday on the corner of Jed Smith and Round Meadow? Well I’m here to tell you about it. It was designed and built by Arch Bacon,my dad, in the early 1960’s so we kids wouldn’t have to stand in the rain while waiting for the school bus. On the corner where the bus stop stands there was a big unsightly electrical panel, so it was decided that this would be a perfect location to build something and therefore hide the panel. My dad was a production designer for the movie industry so he designed the quaint Victorian bus stop to look like a little movie set. He himself provided all the materials, and with the help of a few neighbors, Jack Walker, Scott Husted, the rest is Hidden Hills history. My dad has been retired from the film and television business for a long time and now lives in Calabasas, where he works as a western artist.  His art is truly a reflection of his love for the old west, along with his deep respect for the old Hollywood cowboys. He worked with and was dear friends with many of our cowboy heroes. He was commissioned to do bronzes for them. You can learn more about Arch Bacon and see some of his art (which is available for purchase) at:

Happy Trails!

Jo Mitchell (old timers will remember me as Joni Bacon)


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