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Hidden Hills Resident Ashlee Bond-Clark Wins 2014 Thermal Circuit

Should you be giving omegas to your horses like Ashlee Bond-Clark does for hers?

As many HHRU readers know, Ashlee Bond-Clarke grew up in Hidden Hills riding horses and has an astonishing track record. Ashlee laid down the ultimate trip of the 2014 Thermal Circuit to win the AIG $1 Million Grand Prix on the final Sunday at HITS Thermal in March. Ashlee knows first-hand that behind every happy successful horse is a feed program that doesn’t overlook the importance of omega-3 fatty acids.

Regardless of your horses’ level of competition, dietary supplements can be extremely beneficial and make your horses feel good even when they’re not competing. Ashlee is committed to a nutritional program for her horses with a supplement that we had to share with the HHRU.

A key part of Ashlee’s overall approach to equine health is preventative. Hay, grains and complete feeds have many pro-inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids and put a horse’s metabolism out of balance, predisposing them to chronic and degenerative diseases. Likewise, vegetable, corn and flax seed oil all contain omega-6 fatty acids, which fan the flames of inflammation.


Ashlee uses Ascenta EquineOmega3 which helps to rebalance the omega-3 to omega-6 ratio n a horse’s diet. It helps improve skin and coat health, reduce the risk of inflammation-related disease, preserve joint, bone and connective tissue health, provide immune and allergy support and improve performance and recovery.

“Ascenta is definitely one of the key ingredients in my feed that gets my horses to perform their best!” says Ashlee.

Whether your equine partner is a sport or trail horse, broodmare, stallion or retiree, perhaps these omega supplements should be considered for your horses as well.

Kim Chase