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Let’s Get Physical…With Deb Spellman!

It’s that time of year again when there seems to be no end to the decadent holiday dinners and desserts. For most of us, the extra pounds creep up like a thief in the night, stealing our waistlines and leaving us with the dreaded muffin top or love handles. This explains why according to Nielson, the top two New Year’s resolutions of 2015 were, you guessed it, “stay fit and healthy” and “lose weight”. If you’re like me, and never met a pecan pie you didn’t like, you might be wondering, what’s the best way to accomplish those goals and get lasting results? We asked, and long time Hidden Hills resident and exercise instructor, Deb Spellman, answered. Read on to find out her best tips and see if they don’t get you motivated to get your sweat on.

Q. Tell us about your Body Pump class. When is it and can anyone jump in or does one need to be at a certain fitness level to give it a try?

BODYPUMP is a barbell-based resistance-training program. Les Mills created BODYPUMP to sculpt, tone, and shape the entire body. BODYPUMP was developed to accommodate men and women of all ages and fitness levels by providing a workout that was effective for everyone. Each BODYPUMP class works all of the major muscles groups in 60 minutes, featuring 10 music tracks to hit all of those muscles: Warm Up; Squats; Chest; Back; Triceps; Biceps; Lunges; Shoulders; Abs; Cool Down. In my BODYPUMP classes I have people who compete in triathlons, moms who just had babies and are easing back in to a fitness routine, seniors who never put a bar on their backs, and instead squat and lunge using their body weight, and everyone in between. Because you determine the level of weights you are using, BODYPUMP is suitable for all fitness levels. When I teach, I give tons of options. And it’s always an option to put the bar down or to take a break. I will never call you out. I do encourage you to try your very best, and your best looks different from your neighbor’s best. Eventually as you get stronger you’ll begin to increase your weight to ensure that your muscles are continually challenged.

Q. Is this mostly for women? Do men also take the class?

Men and women, old hands and newcomers can do the class together as everyone can work at their own level.

Q. We’ve all heard the different opinions on weights—more reps, less weight? Or less reps with more weights? What’s the true scoop?

The secret to BODYPUMP is THE REP EFFECT a breakthrough in resistance training that is proven to deliver a total body transformation. THE REP EFFECT throws traditional thinking about lifting heavy weights on its head. It exhausts muscles using lighter weights, while performing high repetitions. Using THE REP EFFECT, BODYPUMP classes give you sculpted shoulders, defined biceps and triceps, strong lean legs, firm glutes and a tight core. Choreography in each of these areas is specifically targeted so you’ll burn fat, burn more calories, and achieve more meaningful fat loss and muscle fatigue to build strength without building bulk. In a typical BODYPUMP class you’ll perform 800 reps in a single group workout. That’s more than four times the amount a person can achieve when training alone.

Q. What type of results can one expect from doing the class regularly?

BODYPUMP combines resistance training with cardio conditioning so that you get the best of both worlds burning nearly 590 calories per class. Resistance training will develop your muscles. More muscles means more of what burns calories. Cardio conditioning also torches calories in a big way. When your heart rate is elevated, your body is working hard. That means a higher calorie burn rate. Combine cardio and resistance training in one workout and you will turn your body into a calorie torching machine. There is also evidence that BODYPUMP classes can have positive psychological benefits.

Q. How soon would one begin to notice a difference?

Your muscles might feel a little sore after your first BODYPUMP class, but keep at it. It’ll get easier! Taking BODYPUMP regularly two to three times a week, you will see improvement in your body in 6 weeks. Remember, you won’t see much improvement if you’re not consistent. Attending BODYPUMP two to three times per week on nonconsecutive days is ideal. Following a healthy diet and drinking lots of water will ensure positive results.

Q. What do you think is the biggest myth about women and weights?

Although it involves weightlifting, BODYPUMP is not a bodybuilding program. It is not designed to cause hypertrophy and extreme muscle growth. The training involves using lighter weights at higher rep counts. That’s why if you are a woman looking to get into weightlifting, but are afraid to become bulky, BODYPUMP is the perfect program for you. You can increase your muscle tone by using weights at a higher repetition. For men who want to build more muscle mass, just use heavier weights. The results you get depend on the weights you use in each workout.

Q. What other exercise regime do you recommend people do to compliment the work you do in Body Pump class?

I encourage you to try BODYPUMP and do less cardio, and see what happens.  Add some fast paced walking. Experimenting is the only way to find out what works for your body.  If you’re new to resistance training, swap out your cardio for BODYPUMP once a week, working up to three times a week and see where it gets you.

Q. Aside from the obvious reason (to look fabulous of course!) what other health benefits are there of incorporating weights into your workout routine?

The benefits of incorporating weights into your workout routine are endless. You will increase your muscular strength and muscular endurance, protect your bones and joints from injury, increase metabolism, strengthen your core, improve your general fitness, and you will feel more confident.

Q. What times/days do you teach at the community center?


Tuesday 8:00AM

Wednesday 9:30AM

Thursday 8:00AM

Friday 9:30AM

Saturday 9:30AM

Q. Where else and what else do you teach?

I have been teaching various Group Exercise classes for 26 years. In addition to the Hidden Hills Community Center, I teach at The Bay Club (formerly Spectrum Club) in Thousand Oaks and Canoga Park, and at all 24 Hour Fitness locations. I have taught just about every group exercise class as well as Pilates on the Reformer over the years, but when I started teaching BODYPUMP, it was the first time that I actually noticed participants’ bodies changing in a positive way. I became hooked on the BODYPUMP program and that is why I brought it to Hidden Hills over 3 years ago.

Q. Are you available for private training sessions and if so, where should readers go for more info on that?

Readers are free to contact me via email or cell at (818) 917-2515.

Q. What is the most important advice you have for people who have put on some weight, maybe lost some muscle definition over the holidays, but want to get into shape for the New Year?

My recommendation is to join a group exercise class. Benefits include exposure to a fun and social environment, a safe and effectively designed workout, a consistent exercise schedule, an accountability factor, and a workout that requires no prior exercise knowledge or experience. Where lives are hectic, BODYPUMP at the Hidden Hills Community Center offers an hour-long workout for all levels, a variety of music is playing, there is camaraderie and participants can receive a safe and effective workout with easy parking!


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