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October Gardening Checklist

Now that the heat has ebbed here in Hidden Hills, October is a great time to get back into the garden.

According to Hidden Hills Garden Designer and resident Linda McKendry and her blog at, here is a gardening checklist for October.



  • Plant all types of permanent landscape plants other than barefoot plants, tropical and native plants
  • Continue to shop for spring- blooming bulbs and plant the ones that can be put down now, including South African bulbs, oxalis, and Tazetta types of Narcissus
  • Plant cool-season flowers for winter and spring bloom
  • Plant wildflowers
  • Plant cool-season lawns
  • Plant cool-season vegetables and year-round vegetables, including carrots and some perennial vegetables



  • Dig up, divide, and replant perennials, or mulch them



  • Feed roses early this month (Rose-Pro gardeners stop fertilizing now)



  • Water all garden plants according to the individual needs, your soil, your climate zone, and the weather (reducing water if rains start early)
  • Water deciduous fruits trees more sparingly in fall
  • Water roses with up to 1 1/2 inches of water twice a week, unless rains do the job for you
  • Continue to water lawns when rains aren’t adequate

Control Pest/Diseases/Weeds


  • Protect pansies, petunias, and lettuce from rabbits
  • Treat cool-season lawns with fungicide if required
  • Create a gopher-proof lawn by burying chicken wire under it prior to planting
  • Continue to control diseases on roses

Also this month


  • Finish pulling out faded annual flowers and cleaning pots and beds for fall planting
  • Thoroughly clean up the vegetable garden; pull up the last of the summer crops and compost the remains
  • Continue fall maintenance of perennials


Look for our Gardening Checklist coming in November!


Linda McKendry is owner of Linda McKendry Garden Design & Rose Care, a landscape design, horticulture & rose care company that specializes in creating beautiful gardens for its clients, educates its friends and business partners about the joys of gardening, and teaches classes on how to care for roses. When asked “What makes a garden?” She responds, “My personal idea of a garden is a space which includes a place to sit and smell the roses, a place where you can be refreshed by the sound and sight of water and an environment where you can experience the change of the seasons.” She can be reached at 818.974.0405,


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