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Ogilvy Equestrian Memory Foam Friction Free Pads

Ogilvy Equestrian is a family company owned and operated by Jack and Jackie Ogilvy and started when Jackie could not find a saddle pad that she was satisfied with and decided to create her own. What makes these pads so special is their ability to reduce friction, provide comfort to the horse’s back, and are machine washable and stain resistant! These pads can be customized to sport your barn’s colors. 
There is a pad designed for every discipline., including pads that can be shimmed with Ogilvy front and back riser inserts for a custom fit, as well as baby pads. Come on in to Calabasas  Saddlery and feel the soft and cushiony support these pads provide.

Calabasas Saddlery  first opened its doors in 1968 as a small feed and tack store serving the rural San Fernando Valley. Since then, they have grown into one of the largest tack stores in Southern California, thanks to a combination of good prices, great selection, and amazing customer service. Even as the equestrian world changes, there commitment to value and service continues. It is there goal to make your riding experience as rewarding as possible.

Calabasas Saddlery
23998 Craftsman Rd.
Calabasas Ca. 91302