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Our Pediatrician Down The Street


Finding a Pediatrician who is truly dedicated to the health and well being of his patients does not always prove to be an easy task. We have our very own pediatrician here in Hidden Hills – Dr. James A. Weidman, a Hidden Hills resident for over 28 years who provides his patients with only the highest quality care.

Dr. Jim Weidman earned his degree in pediatric medicine from LA County-USC Medical Center (USC Keck School of Medicine). Not only has he had a spotlight role in the Jimmy Kimmel TV Show regarding the importance of vaccinating children, but has also been named on the Hollywood Reporter’s: ‘LA’s Top 100 Doctors’ list for the past two years. A seasoned professional in his field, Dr. Weidman truly places an undeniable priority on following through with his patients from infancy to adulthood at his practice location in West Hills, right outside the gates of Hidden Hills.lobby2

“I help kids understand how they are growing and help parents learn how to connect with their kids and how to communicate with them from day one,” said Dr. Weidman. “If I can help make little changes along the way early, it makes a big difference, that’s why I do what I do.”

As a father of two, Amanda and Sam (Viewpoint and Columbia University grads), Dr. Weidman understands how crucial open communication is to the development of the child as it is to the role of the parent. Because of their unwavering dedication to each and every patient, Dr. Weidman and Dr. Lianne E. Beerman beerman-neware available to every one of their patients, at any time of day or night. Having a small, intimate practice has allowed Weidman to connect on a deeper, more direct level with the individual patient, which undoubtedly differentiates him from other pediatricians. He describes having his own style of practice as enjoying the shared “luxury” of caring for patients at times that are more accommodating for patients’ and their parents’ busy schedules.

drweidman2“I have always had a connection with kids, a skill with kids and parents and an affinity with them that I am still in touch with,” said Weidman, “I am still loving it, I get a lot of pleasure and fulfillment I feel I am doing something useful and helpful.”

Weidman served as the Chairman of Pediatrics from 2006-2013 at West Hills Hospital, conveniently located outside the doors to his current office. Since his time as Chairman of Pediatrics, Weidman has made invaluable connections with other physicians in the immediate area which has proven to be helpful when patients are in need of referrals of specialists in the surrounding community.

The passion Dr. Weidman displays towards his patients is the type that never diminishes nor fails to reinforce his work, and is a constant reminder of how dedication to the work itself is the mark of a fulfilling career and a great doctor.

James A. Weidman, M.D. Pediatrics

7325 Medical Center Drive

Suite #205

West Hills, CA 91307

(818) 713-9377

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