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The Pets of Hidden Hills Fiesta 2014

There was no shortage of our furry four-legged friends (and even a few of our not-so-furry-friends) that came to participate in this year’s annual Hidden Hills Fiesta. The parade had horses, dogs (dressed as people), goats (dressed as horses), and yes, even Spanky the donkey (dressed as himself).

After the Kentucky Derby themed parade, the pets competed in a costume contest at the community center with their young masters. The “Sombrero Twins” was the most unique pair. They were a couple of tortoises dressed with hats.. They were incredibly cute, especially the little one with a stove-pipe hat. We had to watch our steps on the grass when he was around. He looked sort of like a crawling sprinkler head when left alone on the grass.

And then there was Spanky. Although a little grumpy at the start of the parade and not wanting to move (the marching band behind thought him hilarious; his owner, not so much!) he made it through the parade like a trooper and was thrilled to make friends with everyone he could find.

If you didn’t make it to this year’s event, you don’t want to miss next years! Bravo to a successful Fiesta 2014!

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