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The Power of Sapphires and Flowers

Diamond. Ruby. Emerald. Sapphire. This group of the four most precious stones in the world are the go-to favorites of many of us. Each has a special and perhaps very personal meaning that lies deep within each individual. Yet one of them, the Sapphire, seems to be the most alluring.

Many of the most beautiful sapphires are found in Sri Lanka, Tailand, India, Burma, Madagascar, Australia and Brazil. They are a member of the corundum family, and are most commonly found in blue. The vivid, pure, deep blues are the most valuable. Some feel that the sapphires from India are the most valuable.

Meaning Behind Sapphires and Lotus Flowers

Sapphires are thought to be a stone of wisdom, loyalty and friendship. Some feel it is a stone of mental acuity, psychic activation and a seeker after spiritual truth. Blue sapphires embrace order, structure and can be ideal for accomplishing goals. Throughout history, some have worn sapphires in protective amulets.

Lotus flowers have carried different meanings throughout time depending on different cultures. To the ancient Egyptians, the lotus flower was a symbol of rebirth. In Buddhism, the lotus is a symbol of purity, spiritual awakening and faithfulness. According to, a blue lotus flower “is associated with a victory of the spirit over that of wisdom, intelligence and knowledge.”

Combining Sapphires and Flowers

Allison Kanter and Tracy Berkus-Dekel of Tempt in Calabasas volunteer that “Mixing the power of the sapphire with a flower design and pyrite beads allows the wearer to be ready to manifest ideas into form. Some of our clients like to wear the sapphire and flower bracelets in our collection alone to maintain the beauty and simplicity of the piece. Others prefer to mix them with favorites from our collection.”

With the holiday season quickly approaching and upon doing the research of sapphires and flowers, perhaps one cannot help but put ancient meanings and long-standing beliefs into play when combining the two into beautiful fashion jewelry. Wisdom, loyalty, and seeking spiritual truth can go a long way in deciding what style to wear this holiday season.