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Pupsicles For Your Pooch

Help your dog beat the heat with a Pupsicle.

A trend that is hot around the country is making pupsicles for your dog when the temperatures rise, as they tend to do here in Hidden Hills. Even Starbucks has gotten into the swing of offering cool treats for your pet while you partake of their fraps and cool “cinos.” But making your own pupsicles is rather easy and fun. Here are some favorite recipes.



Poochie Pupsicles


1 ripe banana
4 cups orange juice
1/2 cup plain yogurt

Puree all ingredients in a blender—or simply mash the banana by hand and combine with the juice and yogourt—then pour into a popsicle mold, freeze, and serve to your favourite hot dogs.


Switch up your fruit. Try subbing in:
Or mix in some peanut butter.

You can also vary the juice you use. Try pineapple juice or apple juice; just check to be sure the juice you use is all-natural and has no added sugar.

Modern Dog pup-approved combinations include:

* watermelon, strawberry, pinapple juice, and yogurt
* peanut butter, banana, apple juice, and yogurt

Savoury Pupsicles: Homemade (no salt) Chicken-Broth Pops

Had barbequed chicken for dinner? Don’t chuck the carcass! Throw it in a large pot, cover with water, and let it simmer for an hour and a half. Cool, then pick the meat off, discarding the bone but keeping the cartilage, meat, and broth. Left over cooked carrots and/or peas? Mash them up and mix them in! Pour the chicken broth into your popsicle mold (save whatever’s leftover as a tasty addition to your dog’s next few meals) and freeze. Best served outside.


Puppuccinos At Starbucks

OK… While it’s not frozen, it’s still a great cool treat for your pup. It’s simply a cup of cold whipped cream, but if you’re going to Bucks, take your dog and cool down together.


From The Humane Society:

Peanut Butter Popsicles

Serves a family’s worth of dogs

1 cup peanut butter, preferably unsalted and unsweetened
Half a ripe banana, mashed
Water as needed

In a small mixing bowl, combine peanut butter with a little water or half a mashed banana. The water and banana aren’t essential, but they help with freezing consistency.

Line an ice cube tray or cookie sheet with wax paper. (You don’t have to use the paper, but it can make prying the cubes out easier.)

Spoon the mixture into the cubes, or drop onto the tray just like you would cookie dough. Freeze for several hours or overnight. If you need to reuse the tray right away, pop out the cubes and store them in a bag or container in the freezer.

Serve, and turn any hot dog into a happy camper.


  • Pet popsicles can be made out of all kinds of things your dog (or cats) eat normally, so experiment to see what your dog likes best.
  • You can fill up a rubber Kong-style toy and freeze—a great cool-down treat for when you will be away for a few hours.
  • Try treats suspended in water, watered down wet food, and favorite frozen veggies.
  • Avoid: onions and onion powder, salt, macadamia nuts, tomatoes, potatoes, rhubarb leaves and stems, avocados, and anything else on this list.