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Putting Art Back Into Architecture

Master architect Bert Notch is an expert in creating energy efficient homes that have unique features that are hallmarks of the residents living in them. “Our business is creating individual distinctive environments, a gift of living for the present” says Notch, owner of Creativity In Living, Inc.

“I believe that if your home plans don’t include a “one of a kind” unique feature exclusively for you…your home is not custom! Be bold and stand out with your individual distinctive lifestyle.” Notch also believes that your home should be connected to your lifestyle and include everything from conceptual designs thru interior design.

Case in point: The property featured below had a goal to carry out a water theme thru the architecture. Named “Weeping Water” because the hillside continued to weep for months after the long rainy period. Water continues to weep off of the second story copper roof down across the kitchen window wall and onto the entry roof, then rippling thru chains into a stone collection basin that over-flows and streams thru a garden and finally into the front yard trout pond.

To enter the residence, you pass by the water chains and enter a cave-like tunnel with one stone wall weeping water, than walk up curved stairs towards the entry door on the back yard side of the house. Upon entering the residence, your view is “all lake” (Sherwood) looking thru the heavy vaulted beam ceiling, all glass wall great room. The art of the home also includes a sub-level entertainment room that features a spa/pool and a full size triathlon lap pool entering a 20ft long cave.

Notch has been featured in numerous national publications and has designed homes throughout the U.S as well as Europe. For more 30 years, he has made his mark in Energy Efficient homes way before it became “the green thing to do” by conserving energy with the prevention vs cure design process.

He can be reached at (818) 662-5698 or email to

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