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Resident Endeavors: The Foundry Fine Jewelry

The Biz:
The Foundry Fine Jewelry

The Proprietor:
Janet Heller


Janet Heller has passionately curated and created unique one-of-a-kind pieces that have earned her a base of equally passionate fans. Here’s the rundown on what keeps the busy mom of four steaming ahead to grow her burgeoning biz, The Foundry Fine Jewelry.

What is it that attracted you to your business?

I was always fascinated with the process of taking something out of the earth, that looked so dirty, muddy and inconsequential. Then through the talent, creativity and genius of artisans, turning it into something of infinite beauty and sparkle.

What is your favorite thing to do related to this business?

I love discovering and curating new and special pieces of jewelry from amazing designers all over the world and bringing them into my store. I also love designing new jewelry myself and re-purposing outdated jewelry that my clients own but never wear, so that it becomes fresh, new and wearable again. I most especially love working with my fabulous customers, clients and friends and helping them to find that special piece of jewelry, no matter how large or small, that will make them happy through it’s beauty and meaning.

What has been the biggest challenge for you?

The biggest challenge has been finding the time to manage it all. Right now I am a one-woman show and I am a perfectionist, so it’s hard for me to make it all work perfectly and up to my own standards. Quality is the hallmark of my business and I tend to spend a lot of time refining my jewelry, which doesn’t leave me much time for the day-to-day running of a jewelry business. I am also a mom of four, so finding the balance between work and home is always challenging.

Is there one piece/design that you would say defines your look?

No, I don’t have a particular style. I tend to buy or make what I love and I just have to hope that my customers will love it too. So far, it’s been working wonderfully for me. I’m more of a one- or two-of-a-kind operation and don’t do multiples of any one piece. I like to maintain the specialness and uniqueness of my pieces.

What do you hope to be the next big thing for your biz?

Social media has to be the next big thing for my biz. I’m not very consistent with and/or good at it. It needs a lot of tender loving care and time is a very scarce commodity for me. I hope to work on improving my social media reach in the next few months. I want everyone to know that I have beautiful, gorgeous jewelry that is very competitively priced!!

How do HH residences get their hands on your designs?

I sell my jewelry at Magnolia in Calabasas, across from The Commons, 23675 Calabasas Rd, Calabasas, CA 91302. The phone is 818.224.4771. I also have a Facebook page “The Foundry Fine Jewelry.” I am always available on my cell phone at 818-974-2442.

Published with permission from Hidden Hills Magazine, Summer 2015 issue. Subscribe Here.