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Round Meadow Memories: A Family Journey

Wow, so many good memories from Round Meadow! Both Max and Sabrina went to Round Meadow for a combined eight years. I remember coming early every afternoon and leaning against the bell with Julie Talbert almost every day for years waiting for Sabrina to come out. All the great teachers, including Robin Davidson, Mrs. Stevenson, Ms. Hyman, Miss Fleischman, Mrs. Case – just to name a few. Watching the school lanes change as the city worked to make the adventure of picking up the kids more efficient and practical. Working the auction for several years with Colleen Shapiro, Lesley Marvin and Jennifer Levinson. Two “outdoor ed” retreats. Sabrina this year will be a counselor for the outdoor ed event! Talk about coming full circle! All the father-daughter dances and working the bar at the mother son dances. A very special time in our family’s lives were spent sharing our journey with Round Meadow!

– Michael Silberman