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Synergy Academics


Putting in the grueling hours of cramming for an exam, taking and re-taking practice tests for the SAT or ACT, and trying to write a college application essay worthy of a Nobel Prize are all built on the foundational principle of determination. While these academic milestones may seem small in comparison to the larger goal of education, they can open doors and provide opportunities that would have otherwise been left undiscovered. At Synergy Academics, located in West Hills, the ultimate goal is to leave no door to the educational world unexplored.

Jennifer Lopata created the concept of Synergy Academics for students who were in need of an environment where educational growth is not only nurtured, but is also made a top priority. The company is built upon four main divisions of focus: college admissions, standardized testing, one on one tutoring, and a study center environment for all students to utilize. Lopata received her undergraduate degree in sociology from UCLA, then went on to receive her master’s degree from USC in social work. Both were extremely influential in her decision to begin a career helping children from kindergarten to college in the areas of education that they find challenging.


Synergy Academics ensures each student and parent that the most optimal results are brought about by working together as a unit. “The energy here is positive and supportive. The synergy, the coming together as a team to create a better outcome, produces the best results. It is the chemistry between the environment and our energy and enthusiasm as a team,” said Lopata.
The tutors hired are diverse in their knowledge and experience. They are not only hired because of their academic excellence, but also hired to serve as role models who connect on multiple levels with the students they work with. Each tutor is matched carefully to the individual student based on their learning style in order to provide each student with the most advantageous learning experience. Parents have the option to stay and enjoy the parents lounge where they can relax knowing their child is receiving invaluable one on one time with their educational tutor.

The fundamental aspects of Synergy Academics are “building the student’s self esteem, helping with their organizational skills, and helping to motivate them and actualize their goals ahead,” said Lopata.


Within the walls of Synergy Academics, there are an assortment of places to study that suit each individual learner’s needs, such as private rooms for those seek a more private study environment, a lounge area with couches for the more relaxed learner, and privacy shields for students who need their own space to thrive. Laptop and desktop computers are also available for student use, although many prefer to bring their own with them. Accommodation for students and parents in regards to scheduling times with tutors, and being able to connect on the go is what prompted Lopata to create a mobile app for her clientele, which is currently available in the app store.

Synergy Academics places emphasis on working as a team in order to help people achieve success both personally and academically.

6700 Fallbrook Ave, Suite 101
West Hills, CA 91307
(818) 888-8665

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