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Take The “30 Is The Way” Pledge!

A “Shout Out” Pledge To Drive Safely At The Speed Limit In Hidden Hills

Sticking to the speed limit in Hidden Hills has become a safety issue in our neighborhood.

Resident Rene Villanueve and Safety Commission member Michael Bloom are asking Hidden Hills residents to show their support by taking this simple pledge. “It’s about community buy-in,” says Bloom. “The Commission and the City Council are here to serve the community. If we want the speeding issue to be taken seriously we need to have a ‘call-to-arms.’ If it’s coming from the community it has to be heard.”

Please attach your name in support of this effort and invite your neighbors to do the same. It is their hope that by showing our concern we can together make the solution happen. Until then, slow down! And let’s all drive safely.

“In Hidden Hills we love our children and we love our horses. So it’s important that all drivers in Hidden Hills obey the 30 mph speed limit. It’s up to us to keep our kids and our community safe. So next time you’re on the road in Hidden Hills, remember 30 is the way.”

To read the whole article from the Summer issue of Hidden Hills Magazine, Click Here.


Pledge Takers

HHR Badge Jerri Hemsworth Pledged - 07/09/2015

HHR Badge steve weber Pledged - 07/07/2015

HHR Badge RALF HEUSER Pledged - 07/03/2015

HHR Badge Sigrid Desoi Pledged - 07/03/2015

HHR Badge Ziba Nassab Pledged - 07/03/2015

HHR Badge Heather Lieberman Pledged - 07/02/2015

HHR Badge Gayle Pick Pledged - 07/02/2015

HHR Badge Dayna Shulman Pledged - 06/30/2015

HHR Badge Lizabeth Moses Pledged - 06/28/2015

HHR Badge Lonna Weber Pledged - 06/26/2015

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