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Three Sisters Foundation

All good things come in threes: Live, laugh, love; the Three Stooges, Three Amigos, and Hidden Hills natives: Kristina, Carrie, and Lexi. These three sisters have made it their mission to unite both their selfless efforts and their giving hearts to impact the lives of others. The Three Sisters Foundation, which is in its preliminary stages of establishment, is a small family foundation committed to providing short term support to families or individuals who have been impacted by unforeseen circumstances.

 The foundation was formed out of many conversations about how the sisters’ yearly charitable donations could have more of an impact. “We’ve selected charities that are meaningful to us in a variety of ways and given to them yearly, but we talked about what we could do to directly impact people,” Kristina Kasper said, one of the founders of Three Sisters Foundation. “We wanted to feel like the money we were giving was impacting those who need it rather than going to administrative costs.  By having one-on-one interactions with families, we could better understand the impact.” The foundation is focused on helping people locally, whether it be for school tuition, or for funding a child’s birthday party if the family is unable to do because of an unforeseen circumstance.

 Beyond just a simple desire to redirect charitable funds, Carrie, Kristina, and Lexi each have a unique background that has motivated their charitable giving in the past, and helped create the model for The Three Sisters Foundation. Carrie has had a long-standing commitment to animals in need (she has many animals!), Kristina is a former public high school teacher and  therefore has gravitated towards educational causes, and Lexi is a nurse in the emergency room, dedicating herself to health-related causes.

The application process through the Three Sisters is broad because each sister is sensitive to the unique situation of the individual applicant. An applicant through the Three Sisters Foundation could receive a grant based on a range of circumstances-money for school, support with medical services, or even financial support if an applicant was at-risk at losing an animal because they could no longer afford it. “We all have different interests in where we want to give and it feels like its more on a grass-roots level when we can address these specific needs,” Carrie Kasper said.

 The ample, compassionate nature of the Three Sisters Foundation is why giving back to the community is a deep passion for some, while a priority for many. People who have discovered solidarity in the difficult times recognize that giving back is the most rewarding feeling one can experience. Carrie, Kristina, and Lexi’s giving hearts have coupled with their helping hands to create a more harmonious community, and the world is a little sweeter because of it.

 If you are interested in more information or you know someone who would like to apply for a grant, please visit: