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Water Restrictions for Horses

Last week, we shared the newest LVWD irrigation restrictions with you but that only covers residential water usage.

At this point in time, there is NO water allotment for horses! A questionnaire will be sent out to residents in the next couple of weeks by Las Virgenes Water District (LVWD) for customers to fill out to request information about your water usage and needs. Horse owners will have an opportunity to let LVWD know about what animals you have on your property. This info will assist LVWD in determining what allotments of water they will allow for residents with horses and animals.

Please be away that this allotment is proposed to begin at the beginning of 2016..not now! In the past, LVWD has allotted about 1-2 units/per hourse on the property (1 unit =748 gallons) and this number does change based upon the drought conditions.

We encourage you to please fill out the form and return it promptly!