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Water Systems Check up

Unbeknownst to the average homeowner, landscape irrigation can use up to 40% of the water consumed by a site. The purpose of an audit is to determine how much water is being used in landscape irrigation and how efficient or inefficiently it is being applied.

Conducting an audit isn’t an easy task and requires training to be done efficiently and effectively.  Calculations are utilized to determine the actual water usage versus what is recommended either by the manufacturer or contractor.  Recommendations are based on local conditions, zone, and existing irrigation systems and overall efficiency as well equipment type.  A good audit will explore the systems equipment such as sprinklers, emitters, controllers, regulators etc. as well measuring existing performance and overall effectiveness.  A systems check is a wise and prudent investment that will produce savings not only monetarily but preserve our most precious resource,” water”.

Once completed, a good audit will present the homeowner with detailed results and how to proceed with the recommended mediation. Most systems older than 5 years old can warrant some upgrading. The technologies and equipment available in the landscape industry has come a long way to help most systems become compliant and effective with their irrigation systems.

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