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“Be Water Wise” Irrigate Your Yard Smart and Efficiently

Spring is around the corner and with ongoing drought conditions the restrictions that the Water Purveyors will be implementing to all of Southern California households will certainly be a challenge for those large properties with lush vegetation and antiquated irrigation systems. There are many ways to mediate those needs and create a Water Wise System. Water savings programs are available and green friendly in the sense, “you the homeowner are doing your part to help conserve precious water.”

There is several ways to approach those needs such as water-savings plants, latest generation of smart controllers, proper irrigation practices, mulching of beds to help retention of moisture. These are a few practices that can help the cause along with sustainable landscaping practices.

Rebate programs with local water agencies are also available if a resident applies some required water saving systems. The retro technology available for most systems can benefit the homeowner tremendously. Reductions in water usage often can be substantial if proper Irrigation practices are implemented. Each residence can expect varying reduction of water usage if addressed accordingly.

So be part of the team that is irrigating your grounds smartly and efficiently.

Alexanders’ Landscapes Inc. is a locally owned full service Design and Installation Company with a Commercial / Residential Maintenance division. They provide distinctive service for any project no matter the size. Services include Arbor work, Irrigation services,Landscape design and build. Maintenance services. Alexander is a  gardener at heart with a passion and eye for detail.

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