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Welcome to the RoundUp!

Hidden Hills is an exceptional and unique community.  There is so much here that we all enjoy.  We all have different interests and lives yet we are connected in a way that only those living here can truly understand.  There is a common pride that we share here “behind the gates” that is evident in every wave as we pass each other and even as we pass the occasional equestrian “leave behind.”   Seriously, where else in L.A. can you find that?

So it is in the spirit of this unique way of life that we bring you  Our goal: to bring the residents of Hidden Hills a truly informative and useful online experience within the context of Hidden Hills living… After all, we love to talk and share info (for better or worse) :) . We are always ready to help each other out.  We love to keep up on the latest in Real Estate.  We want to know the when and where of all the amazing events, whether big or small; for Equestrians or Thespians.  We give each other referrals, we bring each other special deals.

You will find all of this and more.  We promise.  And as this site is for the community, we turn to all of you to help shape it.  If there is something you are passionate about that you would like to blog about.

BTW…This site was created by a group of Hidden Hills residents in an effort to provide a platform for us all to better share info.  This site is not affiliated with the City of Hidden Hills or the Hidden Hills Community Association.